Dit is het onderzoek waarover ik het heb in soundbite 38. Disclaimer: geen idee of deze informatie misleidend fake news is of juist een grote groupthink-flater en/of kolossale doofpot-poging kan voorkomen. Welcome to the land of confusion.

In an interview with Minerva last week, the well-known Norwegian vaccine researcher and physical chemist Birger Sørensen argued that the novel coronavirus is not natural in origin.

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The fight for a controversial article (minervanett.no)

En link naar Forbes: Controversial Coronavirus Lab Origin Claims Dismissed By Experts (forbes.com)

Sørensen told Norwegian broadcaster NRK that the virus has properties that differ greatly from SARS, another coronavirus, and have never been detected in nature. He claimed that China and the United States have collaborated for many years on coronavirus research through “gain of function” studies, in which the pathogenicity or transmissibility of potential pandemic pathogens can be enhanced in order to understand them better.

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